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The decision was in favor of the defendant. We went to Boston to visit her. I am not any more to blame than you are. He has been waiting for an hour. This has got to be a joke. Hm, that's a good idea. Let's go there. She put fresh soil in the flowerpot. Saad promised me he wouldn't tell anyone. I asked Audrey why he was sad.

I have an appointment with him for five-thirty. My father is as busy as ever. Kieran opened the envelope, pulled out the letter and unfolded it. Shall we order?

Would you like to hear about what I did last summer? I need to give it to her.

I can't play piano. She accused her of having stolen the bike.

I thought Sue was Teruyuki's girlfriend. She understands music. She is a vivid, playful and fiery girl. A cat dashed out of the room. The baby waved its legs in the air.

The drunkard had too much to drink; he has gone haywire. The bay is full of boats and people. A monster lay on a rock near the top of the mountain.

I'll answer my email later. It's a seductive idea. I know in my gut that something's not right with Hillel. I was hoping I'd see you here. I am telling you that the map points here. Alexis never was skinny. I took a painkiller for my headache. I do think I understand.

You can meet us downstairs when you're ready.

His secret life came to light at last. We have to start over again. We pitched our tent in the shade of a large tree. Does your best friend live in the same street as you? This is appalling. Are we disturbing you? You're so efficient. We must get back to the ship. Isn't there something I can help with? Where can I find the milk?

Leora is under the bed. He banged his fist on the table. What's your favorite protest song? Don't turn your back on them. I was just thinking the same thing. He tried to get her on the phone without success. They went home after they had finished the task. Mikey should've done this yesterday. Hello! Fancy meeting you here! It's a small world, isn't it? I think I have a decayed tooth.

I'm always thirsty. Are you through with the work? A platoon has about thirty soldiers. Roll down your window. He dwells on his past failures. The police looked everywhere and couldn't find any trace of Ned. Everybody in the world desires peace. Give him a call.

I enjoy being with my kids. We should wait a little longer, I think. I was supposed to study English, but I prefer wathcing this movie. I hope you will be killed before long. This is really unbelievable.

It's hard to say no to Shane. Who took it? Hans didn't try very hard to find out what was wrong. I think the job is done. Many libraries also provide wireless local area network.

The club is made up of ten women. You have to answer his letter. He is a good boy, and he is very strong. I've already told Kusum all I know.

Someone told me that this boy cannot hear. It is a system of direct exchange of goods. I'm sorry I have to go. His reply was logical. Jerrie bought a new car the week before last. He kicked me on purpose. His friends were waiting for him at the station. My son likes outdoor sports, such as baseball, tennis and soccer. I really enjoy the climate. Why was I fired?

Brett doesn't know why Danielle called him. Shaving was not an easy task, for his hand continued to shake very much; and shaving requires attention, even when you don't dance while you are at it.

It's always delightful to see you. She was a tiny girl, but she really held her own on the baritone sax. Nonetheless, I couldn't help but imagine the thing wrapping itself around her and devouring her like a boa constrictor. The cavalry has arrived. He knows hardly anything about it. Philippe will be a college student next spring. Joachim usually eats a bowl of cereal for breakfast.